Event Lighting

We can offer you a great diversity of lighting applications. Jason has a BFA in lighting
design and has studied lighting design for many years. We can be as creative as
possible with your event.  For example we offer lighting of the centerpieces from above,
lights under the tables, wall color washes, column lighting, head table lighting and tent
lighting.  The following are a few of the examples we offer.

Under The Table Lighting- These lights are to illuminate the underside of your round tables.  
These are wireless units that run off a battery.  The estimated run time is 9 hours.  The table must have
a tablecloth that drops all the way to the floor.
Up Lighting- These are LED flood lightsthat are mounted to bases that are placed on the floor.  
Once the mood lights are placed on the floor they can be focused on columns, walls and ceilings.  You
can pick any color you want to have accented on the walls etc.  We can light the outside of a structure
also; tents, buildings and homes.
Chinese Lanterns- These lantern lights can be strung up under tents and in event halls.  We
have standard 20' lantern strings with fireproofed silk Lanterns.  Please contact us about availability.
Monogram Patterns- We can have a specific pattern created and project it through a special
lighting device.  This pattern is also referred to as a gobo. The following pictures are names that were
created and projected on to tents,walls and floors.  We also have stock patterns to choose from such
as the stars below.
Undertable Lighting Ocean Cliff Newport, RI
Undertable Lighting Biltmore Providence, RI
Undertable Lighting Castle Hill Newport, RI
Undertable Lighting The State Room Boston
Astors Beechwood Newport,RI outdoor up lighting
Eastons Beach Rotunda Newport RI
The Dunes Club Narragansett, RI
Providence Biltmore Providence, RI
The Towers Narragansett, RI