Open Air Photo Booth
Here are a frequently asked questions about the photo booth:

What is the cost?
The package varies depending on total hours & location. We will build a package for you.

How many photos do I get?
I never know how many photos your guests will take, 100? 400? While some limit the package to
photos taken, yours is based on total time
Do I get a copy?
Yes. You get a physical copy, that is a copy of each photo strip, but each image of each strip are
uploaded on line so you & your guests can download any or all of them. The booth captures you &
your guests in a large format so they are HUGE. The images stay online for about a month or so. We
can always email a sample size of the image if you'd like to see one.

Do I have an option of booth or no booth?
With the Open air photo booth you have the option of have a traditional pipe and drape booth or to
have the booth completely open.  Most couples like to start off the privacy of the pipe and drape for
the first few hours of the event.  Then after the dancing starts, we take down the pipe and drape and
open the booth up for photos on the dance floor.  Check out the photos below.

Once you've decided you would like to reserve the booth a $400 deposit is required. The balance,
like that for our DJ service will be due 2 weeks before your date.