Frequently Asked Questions
•Each reception is customized according to every couple’s needs and wants.

•Music selections range from the 1930’s to the present day, and all systems are equipped with over
15,000 song titles.

•Powerful sound systems to accommodate the largest or smallest crowd you might have.

“What are your fees?”
It depends on a number of factors including the date of your event, time, location, and number of hours. Call
us for a quote!

“What is the deposit to hold the date?”
Generally, a non-refundable deposit of 35%is required upon signing the contract. We accept personal checks,
certified checks, money orders and cash.  The final payment is due two weeks prior to the event.  Overtime
may be paid upon completion of your event.

“Who will be performing at my wedding?”
Music Mixers is a two disc jockey company.; not a DJ service employing a bulk of inexperienced people. We
have performed at hundreds of weddings over the past years. When you book Music Mixers, you speak directly
with your DJ avoiding any chance of miscommunication. As an upscale disc jockey entertainment provider, we
respect the importance of your reception and dress appropriately; not glitter ties or costumes,

“We've never done this before. Can you help us plan our reception?"
Definitely. We'll sit with you to provide you with ideas, and guide you along the way.  We'll answer any
questions you have and construct a reception that's designed for you.  We play the music you want and do
what you request. We will also work with your photographer and your caterer/venue to ensure that your
reception runs smoothly.  Music Mixers will work with you to make your day special!

"Can we give you songs to play at our reception?"
Absolutely! We provide song recommendations and allow you to choose what you want and what you DON'T
want.  You can choose from our music list provided with the wedding packet.  If your song is not  there, you
can provide us with the song name and we will bring it to your function or you can bring a custom CD/iPod.  It's
your day!

“Are there any additional charges that will be added at the last minute?”
No Way! We disclose all fees at the time of the initial phone call. Like most professional companies, there's
never a charge for the set-up or break-down of our equipment.

“What kind of equipment do you use, and do you have backup equipment?”
We use top of the line equipment.  None our equipment is older than two years old.  We are constantly
upgrading and improving our equipment.  In addition to moving our music to top line laptops, we  have Denon
CD players and Mixers, Electro-Voice Speakers, JBL powered speakers, QSC Amps and Shure Wireless
Microphones.  We always bring back-up equipment to all of our events. We also have generators for outdoor

“Can we meet with you or see you live?”
We meet with clients now on an appointment basis:  Evenings Monday through Thursday.  We will then
discuss the reception and what you are looking for from us. We will discuss your reception and all of your
expectations.   If you want to see us live after that, I will give you a few dates where we will be playing. (Note:
we never invite anyone to a wedding reception as we would never invite anyone to your wedding.  It is a
common courtesy that we extend to our clients, but there are many more events that showcase our style and
sound system.)

“What kind of music do you play?”
Whatever is appropriate for your day! Most weddings have people of different ages and musical tastes.  We try
to have something for everyone, so ALL of your guests are satisfied.  We have music ranging from  Big Band,
Swing and Easy listening to present Rock, Pop and Dance.  The areas in between include Classic Rock,
Disco, Jazz and Eighties.  We generally bring a song list to your event covering our  library for you and your
guests to choose from.

“What do you need from us before or on the day of our reception?”
About 2 weeks prior to your wedding, you'll return the completed wedding packet which includes your music
list, the wedding plan, and the bridal party announcements.  For the day of the reception, we need
approximately a 10' wide by 8' deep area so we can set up our equipment.  We also need a 6’ or 8’ banquet
table and close to an 110v 15a wall outlet.  We can provide white tablecloths and white table skirts for all

“What makes your entertainment company different from other companies?”
Besides being dressed appropriately (tuxedo attire unless told otherwise) and high quality sound systems,
with an enormous music selection, the following is a list of  extra advantages that we offer our clients:

ndividual attention to details- We are at the level where most companies wish to be.  Small enough to offer
individual attention for your special day, but large enough to offer backup equipment, emergency bookings,
and consistent quality.  We want to extend a helping hand in all aspects of your reception planning.

Experience- Over 40 years combined experience in wedding ceremonies and receptions.  We know how
receptions are done. We are a full-time entertainment company.  We do this for a living!

Quality and Presentation-  We have college degrees in Theatre.  We know how and when to speak on the
microphone.  We rehearse your reception before your big day and have been trained to improvise if the need
arises.  No one in the area can offer you this experience! We are outgoing, personable, organized and  true


Event Lighting and Other Add-Ons- Music Mixers offers additional options like under-table lighting, Up
Lighting, and Customized Monogram Patterns.  With a college degree in Theatrical/ Stage lighting, Jason will
design a lighting plan to make your special day look fantastic! Your Photographer and your guests will love the
look that custom lighting provides! No one else offers lighting plus a professionally designed lighting plan!

Contact us with questions at 401.789.3889 or